• LORD x Capitano x Fasching
  • Westfale
  • dunkelbraun
  • Springbetont
  • 10.04.2010
  • 169 cm
  • Warburg
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • L (bis zu 10.000 €)
  • 25571
  • 12.10.2021
  • Verbandsprämienstute,


Chocolata S was admitted to the Elite Riding Horse Auction in Münster-Handorf and got injured 14 days before, so she went to stud. She was herself successful at jumping horse A placed. She is super well behaved, a great mother mare, does not cause any problems with farrier/transport etc. She is herd tolerant. Chocolata has had a foal by For Pleasure 4 years in a row (Frozen Semen). Her dam is StPrST and has passed a mare test with 8,05. Her grandmother from Lord L-VbPrSt and has produced many top offspring. The mare is sold only for age reasons of the breeder. He has also bred the Pilot mare.

Following some information of the stock:
1. Generation
Holst. Stamm 2004
2. Generation
Licensed stallion: Cedrus v. Calido (SPR int. 1,30 m erfolgr.)

Sporthorses: Castello di Couri v. Cornet Obolensky (SPR 1,30 m erfolgr.),
Chance FBH v. Cornet Obolensky (SPR int. 1,35 m erfolgr.)

3. Generation
Sporthorses: Celentano 26 v. Contender (SPR 1,50 m erfolgr.),
Momo 101 v. Cheenook (SPR 1,30 m erfolgr.),
La Little Queen 24 v. Larioni (SPR 1,40 m erfolgr.),
Al Capone 162 v. Argentinus (SPR int. 1,45 m erfolgr.),
Princeton S v. Pilot
Auctiofoal: Pilord v. Pilot (Westf. foal-Auktion'01/50.000 DM)

Licensed stallions of:
Van Halen Z v. Vigo D'Arsouilles (SPR int. 1,45 m erfolgr./Guido Klatte jun.), Caressini v. Carento (SPR int. 1,50 m erfolgr./Christian Kukuk, u.a.

Bundeschampion 5j. Jumping Horses '15), Le Quidam v. Landjunge (SPR int. 1,45 m erfolgr./Hans-Dieter Dreher),
Cacharel v. Carry (DR int. PSG/Inter I erfolgr.),
Lord's High Fly v. Lord (SPR 1,45 m erfolgr.),
Cool Man K v. Carthago (SPR 1,40 m erfolgr.),
Acord's Champion v. Acord II,
Chromatico v. Chromatic xxx,
Classic Quainton v. Contender,
Contec v. Carolus I,
Cromwell v. Cottage Son xx,
Lando v. Ladykiller xx,
Livingstone v. Landgraf I,
Platino v. Pay,
Ratibor v. Roberto,
Robaire v. Ramirado,
Barr Bassid- H v. Balou du Rouet,
Cannonau v. Canturano

Staatsprämienstuten: u.a.
St.Pr.St. Colett v. Cristallo I (Reservesiegerin Springen Westf. Eliteschau'19)

Armstrong 17 v. Athlet Z (SPR int. 1,50 m erfolgr.),
Genua 62 v. Carolus (int. 1,50 m erfolgr.),
Artist 200 v. Alcatraz (SPR int. 1,40 m erfolgr.),
Clearwater 8 v. Clearway (SPR int. 1,50 m erfolgr./Jesse Luther),
Zarin 43 v. Clarence (SPR int. 1,45 m erfolgr./Jesse Luther),
SIG Thor v. Casall (SPR int. 1,45 m erfolgr.),
Cassidy 41 v. Canturo (SPR int. 1,40 m erfolgr./Patrick Stühlmeyer),
Luxicor v. Luxius (SPR int. 1,40 m erfolgr.),
Carlito 42 v. Clarimo (SPR int. 1,40 m)